Thursday, Oct 01, 2020

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Hip Hop vs COVID-19

With confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States increasing...
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Be Seen! Be Heard! with City Buzz Radio Music is what we do... and our...
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Be Seen! Be Heard! with City Buzz Radio & Walmart Visit Walmart...
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Tim Seay For Mayor

MEET TIM SEAY Community & Business Experience, Sound Judgement, Diversity and Equality
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Hip-Hop Saves Lives

Hip Hop Saves Lives NGO and Brooklyn Theatre Arts High Collaboration WELCOME TO MY HOOD VOL1
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Kris Payne

His lyrical ability is surpassed by none and was only strengthened as Kris attended college mixing book...
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Gonzo Timeless

YONKERS NATIVE RAPPER Gonzo Timeless is a rapper, songwriter, and barber, born and raised in...
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Ditta Don Juan

Ditta is the official female voice of Phoenix. Female recording artists are scarce in today’s...
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Zuri's Circle

 How many of us can honestly say we are familiar with nonprofits? This up and coming nonprofit is...
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Gemini Porter

Edgar “GEMINI” Porter  Edgar” Gemini” Porter, is a young, talented, and versatile artist. At the...


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CEO of The Buzz
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The Man, No Myth, CEO of 4THND1 Entertainment
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Phree Tha Truth


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