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Gonzo Timeless is a rapper, songwriter, and barber, born and raised in Yonkers, NY.


Released from incarceration on August 19th, 2015, Yonkers native rapper, Gonzo Timeless decided from that point to turn his life around, using music as his vehicle. As his music career began to gain traction, he fell in love with the art of barbering and created the company TIMELESS. 

The mission of this passion project is to give back to underprivileged youth and open their worlds to new opportunities through music and barbering.

His single “Welcome to Yonkers” off his upcoming EP My Way is being released the first weekend of September. The song was originally written as part of the international campaign for the non-profit organization Hip Hop Saves Lives. After seeing the astounding feedback the song received, Gonzo decided to make it his debut single for My Way.


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Gonzo released his music video “Remember” on 7/24/17. The music video documents a story shared by many. It follows a young man who has it all and loses it in the blink of an eye due to drug abuse. Only through hitting rock bottom can one rise and look back at the past with the promise of a better future ahead.

Serving as a window into Gonzo’s own autobiography, the video portrays a raw honesty that is prominent in all of Gonzo’s work.

“Remember” was released to coincide with his Western European tour. He will be performing over 60 shows, making stops in Berlin, Paris, Whales, Birmingham, London, Spain and more.

All of his music and videos can be found on YouTube and all social media platforms @gonzotimeless


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Courtesy of: Hip Hop Saves Lives // 4thND1 // Gonzo Music

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