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Ditta is the official female voice of Phoenix. Female recording artists are scarce in today’s hip-hop market.

Among the many who blessed us with their talent, is one who easily stands out from the crowd. Her name is Ditta Don Juan. Ditta Don Juan s an established recording artist, dance choreographer (with nearly two decades of experience), and the host of her own three-hour radio show on, “Beyond Platinum”.

The emerging star was raised on the west side of Detroit but later relocated to Phoenix, AZ.  She attributes much of her musical development to life lessons that were learned from residing in both cities. 

Music was introduced to her at an early age which spawned her to join the choir. The news regarding her unique talents quickly spread around her local area from winning several local talent shows, dancing and being an active member of her community.

Ditta Don Juan is a continuous student of the business and has learned an array of lessons“. A lot of people want to see you do good, but they don’t want you to do better than them,” she said. This lesson has taught her to be independent and to not be lax when it comes to putting in the necessary footwork to ensure that her music is heard. Ditta Don Juan is a true lyricist who writes 100% of her music.

The lyrical perfectionist has been honing her skills for nearly two decades and has a catalog of big records including. “Elevator Up”, “Parley”, “Rah” and more. She has collaborated with a plethora of talented artists and producers in the Arizona market including Bookie, Radon On The Beat, Pooch, Nutmeg, Miss2Much and X.O. to name a few.  

Ditta’s primary musical influences include her Mother Stephanie Witt (who was a talented singer) and the popular Detroit artist, Big Cyph. Ditta attributes The Creator as her main influence and credits him for all of her success-whether past, present or future.

The registered ASCAP member is no stranger to performing live and has performed nearly every musical venue in Phoenix. She has also performed in Las Vegas and has immediate plans of expanding to other markets.

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