Thursday, Oct 01, 2020

Hip-Hop Saves Lives

Hip-Hop Saves Lives

Hip Hop Saves Lives NGO and Brooklyn Theatre Arts High Collaboration


Recordings come from 7 countries and 10 different cites from North, Central and South America, the Caribbean and East Africa. This album inspired Hip Hop artists to write songs introducing the culture of their city to the world. The project is to reintroduce the uniqueness that Hip Hop was birthed from and represent their hoods to the fullest.

Hip Hop Saves Lives (HHSL), birthed 10 years ago in Brooklyn New York, is an international non-profit that teaches humanity through hip hop. After 10 years of success and educating in over 20 countries, they have released their first international album.

Reaching out to its global base HHSL curated 10 songs from the Americas and East Africa to connect artists of the diaspora’s rhythm to the Motherland. All artists wrote songs about their cities, giving the inspiration to bring forth cultural sounds that represented their communities.

Promotions start in New York with WELCOME TO YONKERS, NY by Gonzo Timeless and WELCOME TO TRENCH TOWN by Socialstar Everlasting. Gonzo shares childhood memories, the city’s notorious landmarks and pays homage to Yonker’s Hip Hop heavyweights.

Social star brings forth the soul of the great Bob Marley and paints a picture of what now troubles the neighborhood since the departure of its most beloved son.


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